None of these companies have paid me to advertise them - I have chosen them because they play a significant part in the production of my work, are friendly and helpful to do business with, and what they do is of the highest standard! If you get in touch with any of them please mention that the Marquetry Shack sent you their way! 

Handmade in Britain exists to  support, promote and celebrate designer-makers in the UK. Their role is to provide opportunities to raise the maker's profile as well as to provide mentoring and support and also to maintain high standards among the members, of which I am proud to be one. The two annual Chelsea shows are just one aspect of the work in ensuring a vibrant designer maker community continues to thrive in the UK. 

Original Marquetry are now one of my two main suppliers of veneers. They have a fantastic range of veneers, mainly of larger size which is great for bigger pictures as well as for cutting to the dimensions you want. Also the photos of the veneers are very accurate (not always the case on some sites) so you know exactly what you are getting. They specialise in all veneers, including burrs, and have a wide range of other marquetry related items as well. Everything is available online and delivered quickly and you get wonderful support from Maria in the Sales Department!

The finish you apply to a marquetry picture is almost as important as the picture itself. It needs to enhance and protect the picture - and still look as good decades later. I started out at the age of 12 French polishing, then experimented with different finishes. A few years ago I discovered Chestnut Products and I can honestly say it transformed my work - and, with their sprays, my working time! I now use acrylic sanding sealer (one coat) then acrylic lacquer and the results are brilliant. Don't think they are just for woodturning. - they are fantastic for marquetry. Add to that the fact that Terry has a hands on approach to his work, delivery is fast and efficient - and the Friday newsletter is my highlight of the week! 

I ship my pictures all over the world. This ranges from sending a 24 square foot beach scene to Florida, to a commissioned portrait of a guitarist to Australia. It is not enough just to send a work of art through the post - you need specialists with vast experience of delivering art works as well as the technology to pack them in a secure way. The best company by far is Pack&Send and I am fortunate that they have depots throughout the UK, including my go to team at Salford Quays. Service is fast, friendly and efficient. 

 I met Sean in Siesta Key Florida. His photographs are brilliantly atomospheric and are ideal subject matter for marquetry. I said I would turn one of his pictures into wood and we both saw the potential for a multi media approach to celebrating his fantastic work. We are now planning our collaboration for the future. 

 Ron ter Burg is a brilliant Dutch landscape photographer, specialising in the landscapes of the north of the Netherlands. He really captures the sense of distance and the big skies of the region, making his pictures ideal for all kinds of media including marquetry. With his permission I used one of his photographs to create the picture you can see on the second portfolio page.

 Joe specialises in "night photography, abandoned places, desert ruins, 360 degree panoramas and artistic inspiration"  but that tells only part of the story. His work is amazingly interactive and I spend lots of time touring his panoramic views, looking at them from all angles, so I was delighted when he allowed me to use his desert gas station picture, then follow up with the car graveyard.

I used an old-fashioned wood press until it  got stolen and was struggling to find a replacement.  I thought, "Who else needs to lay veneers so they can withstand any treatment?"  Then I hit on ROAROCKIT. They are a skateboard company but their fantastic thin air press is just perfect for marquetry and very reasonably priced. Great service as well. 

 The Wood Veneer Hub are my other UK based favourite suppliers - easy to negotiate website, accurate colour pictures of their veneers and fast delivery times. The service is friendly and efficient and they also have a wide range of hand tools, workshop supplies and adhesives and finishes. I get my large veneers from there but they also have smaller packs.

I used to do my own laying (gluing down) but my 6 x 3 foot beach scene presented unique challenges. I was delighted to find that a local firm does excellent veneering and laying and that they are also reasonably priced and fast workers into the bargain. They did such a brilliant job that I now use them for all my pictures!