Why the marquetry shack? because this is where I do all my work!


My name is Ian Smith, based in Manchester, UK, and I create bespoke marquetry pictures from photographs, art work, or your or my own designs. Every picture is unique, taking advantage of the wonderful tones and contrasts that can only be achieved through natural wood veneers.

My Work

I have been creating marquetry pictures throughout my life. I specialise in all sizes and subjects from miniatures  up to twenty square feet. If you are looking for a special picture this is the place - for bigger panels or furniture there are brilliant UK companies like Ace Marquetry at http://www.acemarquetry.co.uk?temp-new-window-replacement=true and my good friends at Veneering Solutions Ltd who produce high quality bespoke panels and furniture: http://www.veneeringsolutionsltd.co.uk

All my work is produced using traditional hand cutting methods. I am responsible for the whole artistic process from design, choice of veneers, cutting, laying, and finishing. My work is unique in that I use centuries' old techniques, but focus on contemporary themes, reflecting everyday life. In fact my style has been described by Piyush Sluri, founder of Handmade in Britain, as 'heritage skills with a contemporary twist' and I have been called in the USA 'the Edward Hopper of marquetry.'  My artistic object is to transcend representational art and, like Hopper, to aim for 'subdued drama out of commonplace subjects layered with a poetic meaning, inviting narrative interpretations.

I exhibit and sell regularly in the UK and the USA and accept commissions from around the world. Most of my work is based on my own photographs but I am happy to consider your own themes or photographs. My work is not just limited to pictures but also other work where marquetry is the key feature - signs, games boards, religious artefacts, even replica vinyl album covers!  I will let you know whether your request will work in wood - quotations and preliminary discussions are free!

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work, and also my commissions page - you will be surprised at the range of commissions I undertake. If you have any questions, please contact me. Also feel free to go to the bottom of the page and do a like for facebook! You can also follow me on instagram: http://www.instagram.com/themarquetryshack


If like me you are tired of seeing fake reviews or testimonials wherever you look, you will be pleased to know that the following are all genuine and can be independently verified. You can ask me for the contact details of anyone you wish to double check or, for the majority of later reviews (all 5 star), you can check my page at Yell

Ray and Brenda Stokes,
Perth, Western Australia
We recently acquired some marquetry crafted by Ian Smith. The subject is taken from the painting 'A Young Man at his Window' by the French impressionist Gustave Caillebotte. We are delighted to own such a skilful piece which is exceptionally well crafted and beautifully finished
Mirriam Lawton,
Lancashire, England.
Ian Smith crafts marquetry to a most exquisite level. The delicate finish and artistic blend of colours and natural grain give depth and movement to his intricate pictures. The result is lifelike, emotive and nothing short of breathtaking. Most definitely the best marquetry I have come across.
The Marquetry Shack is a hidden gem in the crafting community, run by long-time educator and artist Ian Smith. Ian is a craftsman in the truest sense of the word. He - - chooses to do all his projects by hand - just the way we like it!
 Good Art Guide

A master in his craft

Heritage skills with a contemporary twist
Usman Khan,
Lahore, Punjab
World class marquetry from a master of the art; original subjects and nobody else reflects contemporary themes so well
Tom, Manchester
Yell tag OrangeSoap33-1
I am lucky enough to own one of Ian's pieces of artwork. A visitor to our house thought it was a computerised image printed onto a piece of polished wood! He couldn't believe it was hand crafted marquetry. I was once told that there are craftsmen who do something they love but then there are craftsmen who do something they love and get it right. Ian has certainly got it right.  Superb

Yell tag GoldBox61-2
Superb Craftsmanship.  I've been lucky enough to see one of Ian's custom installations in the U.S. and to follow his work online for several years. His work is spectacularly crafted, and I look forward to having a Marquetry Shack original of my own very soon!
Marquetry Shack Brilliance!  I commissioned Ian to produce a marquetry replication of a photograph from Australia. The journey was a joy from the start. I am still amazed at the likeness of me and my guitar resulting. The attention to detail and skill of matching veneer colours and textures to the image has produced a unique and wonderful work of art; a one of a kind. I highly recommend the Marquetry Shack and Ian as a world class artisan. In a world full of mass produced and quickly replicated produce, Ian’s work is something to behold. Highly recommended.

Yell tag ChrisM-1139
Artistry at its finest. Ian Smith has a unique ability as an artist to take a natural substance and transform it in to a masterpiece of fine art, a truly talented individual and in every sense of the word a truly passionate artist

Yell tag SusanK-94
Fabulous. Fantastic workmanship bringing pictures to life. Excellent communication which ensures you get exactly what you want.

Yell tag GillH-71
Ian Smith - another great achievement!  Absolutely amazing. A brilliant exhibition, a talented and skilled artist! Marquetry as never seen before! Worth a visit - I’m defo going to buy one! Thank you x

Yell tag JosephS-73
Fantastic handicraft!  Absolutely amazed by how detailed the piece is! So much time and effort must have gone into it. Also the fact that it's done by hand makes it that much more special. Thanks again Ian!

Yell tag StuartG-143

Excellent skills and craftsmanship, the attention to detail and the quality of work is remarkable. If you’re looking for a bespoke commissioned piece of marquetry art then I recommend The Marquetry Shack

Yell tag MandyS-101

Fantastic art by an outstanding well travelled artist. I love that there is a story behind each piece. Ian is clearly passionate about his art and the stories behind it. Fabulous!

Yell tag ScarletCoin82-2

Fabulous! The interpretation in the natural colours and grains of wood are exceptional. So perceptively perfect with colour tones that bring the subject to life. Soooo good!!! 

Yell tag MaroonPan66

The range and depth of this work are stunning. Hard to believe it is done through veneers of wood. Ian is a true artist who clearly loves his work. and no subject seems to be beyond him.

Yell tag CraigP-2223

EXCELLENT SERVICE I would definitely recommend this business to everyone I had a plaque made and the wood and art work is outstanding and the quality is outstanding excellent service

Yell tag DannyB-306

EXCELLENT ALL ROUND SERVICE!! I recently received the luxury bespoke chess board I requested to be made. I must say, the finished product has exceeded my expectations and I am delighted.  From start to finish, communication between myself and Ian has been excellent. Although the combination of woods and the design was my own choice, the final product was enhanced by Ian's extensive knowledge of wood and experience in marquetry. Ian is a true gent and it was a pleasure doing business with him. The finished product is awesome, the price was very competitive and great care was taken with postage and packing. Thoroughly recommended, good all round service

Yell tag DonnaC-558

SON'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT Well Ian made me a chess board for my sons birthday today and his instinctive reaction says it all: "Mum this is truly awesome" "I am astounded by the workmanship" and that for me means that my son is incredibly happy with it. And if he is happy then you can imagine how grateful I am to Ian for the craftsmanship, the quality, the price and his amazing attention to detail. I will be returning for more of Ian's craftsmanship in the future and would recommend that if anyone has anything they want making then Ian is very much your guy!! 

Yell tag PaulP-790

MARQUETRY AT SUNSET ROYALE ON SIESTA KEY Ian from the Marquetry Shack did a bespoke marquetry for beachfront penthouse vacation on Siesta Key, Florida in USA. The comments and praise for this artwork from our guests on this incredible piece of art featuring a photo that Ian had taken years earlier on our beach have been wonderful verification for our investment in Ian's talent with marquetry.Each new guest in our vacation rental never fail to comment on the beauty and workmanship Ian put into this Siesta Key Beach shoreline in marquetry. We would not hesitate in recommending Ian and the Marquetry Shack for bespoke or stock marquetry.

Yell tag JoelH-92

HE FINEST MARQUETRY Ians work is truly incredible the attention to detail and realism is amazing I highly recommend his work it makes for a wonderful gift for anyone.

Yell tag TheProspecC

AMAZING WORKSHOP AND PERSONALISED SIGN MADE BY IAN Ian ran a workshop for The Prospects Foundation's annual 'EcoFest' this year, where the people of Accrington could try out marquetry themselves! Ian made us a beautiful sign based on our charities logo that we now proudly display.Thank you Ian!