Laying the Beach Scene

In October 2015 I went over to Siesta Key in Florida to lay a 5 by 4 foot beach scene as part of a Murphy bed (a Murphy bed is one that looks like a piece of furniture set into a wall that then pulls out to make a bed - think Laurel and Hardy or James Bond in You Only Live Twice). The apartment looks out over the sea and the picture is based on a photograph I took from outside the apartment on a previous visit, the idea being you can see the view from both the window of the apartment and also on the wall. I thought it would be interesting to post the different stages of installation on this website. 

Brilliant work from Pack & Send in sending the picture to Florida in 2 days! 

 And here is the lucky recipient, my friend Paul Parr of Sunset Royale

This is what the Murphy bed looks like prior to installation.  

Sam and Jed dismantling their carefully constructed work to install the picture in its place 

Removing the base from the bed 

The base removed ready to install the beach scene in its place 

Well they seem to like it!  

And there we have the finished scene!  

Paul wanted a 3D effect when viewed from different angles. I matched the veneers to the rest of the bed to enhance the impact. Below you can see my photograph that started the whole thing off! 

Posing by the finished product. 

A job well done!